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Forget generic outreach courses. Have 7 figure sales experts optimize your cold outreach approach for a systematic, high-converting cold outreach program.
Digital Outreach

Email & LinkedIn

Traditional Outreach

Voicemail & Cold Calls


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1 Hour

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What's included?

  • Email Pitch Review
  • LinkedIn Pitch Review
  • Voicemail Review
  • Cold Call Pitch Review

Optimal Messaging

What you sell, who you sell to, and why you're different all shape the right messaging to reach your audience. Our team of 7-figure experts will review your cold outreach messaging and help you dial it in through a comprehensive analysis.

Emotional Persuasion

You might grab someone's attention via email, but you're not going to close them. Become a Producer requires the ability to persuade via emotions and justify via logic. Have our team review your sales calls to dial in your ability to intrigue, persuade, and close.

How it Works

Submit Your

Submit an example of an email, LinkedIn message, voicemail and cold call recording.

Advanced Analytics

We leverage technology to measure the sentiment and projected success rates of each message you send.

World-Class Expertise

We compare your files to a proven emotional framework called Mission Driven Sales (MDS).

Comprehensive Report

In 1-2 business days, you will have a full report on what to change, how to complete it, and why it matters.

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